About City Wide Remodelers

City Wide Remodelers was founded in 1955 by Joseph Brocato. In 1992 his son, Michael Brocato, bought the company and moved the operation to the present location.

When Mike started with the company he started from ground up. He started as a carpenter and then was trained in sales. After completing his degree at UMKC he worked full time in sales and design.

Mike is currently trained in many aspects. He is a CR (Certified Remodeler), CGR (Certified Graduate Remodeler), CKBR (Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler), CGB (Certified Graduate Builder) and a GMB (Graduate Master Builder). All these certifications are from many years of continued education in the field of remodeling.

City Wide is a design, remodel company aiming to please customers with quality and consideration. An initial visit will be scheduled with our design professional to find out goals for any remodeling project. Designs will be implemented and another meeting with the client to assure plans are met. We use a computer program to help our customers visualize the finished product.

Throughout the remodeling project, our customers are in constant communication with the design and production staff. Following completion, a walk-through with the customer is necessary to make sure they are totally satisfied.

In 1955, we established our motto “Where Quality is a Trademark”. Today, we still value our decision.